Ac▓tion Plan of China (

a (2016-2020)Information Office of the State CouncilThe People's Republic of ChinaAug▓ust 2016First Edition 2016ContentsIntroduction 1I. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 5(1) Right to work 5(2) Right to basic living stand▓ards 6(3) Righ

t to social security 8(4) Ri▓ght to property 10(5) Right to health 11(6) Right to education 13(7) Cultural rights 15(8) Environmental rights 16II. Civil and Political Rights 20(1) Rights of the person 20(2) Right to fair▓ trial 22(3) Freedom of religious b

ational▓ Human Rights Act

ion Plan of China (2016-2020

elief 24(4) Rights to know and to participate 25(5) Rig▓hts of expression and supervision 27III. Rights of Specific Groups 29(1) Right▓s of ethnic minorities 29(2) Rights of women 31(3) Rights of children 32(4) Right

15:18 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 2▓9 (Xi

s of the elderly 34(5) Rights of the disabled 36IV. Human Rights Education and Research 39V. Fulfillment of Obligations to Human Rights Conventions,and Interna▓tional Exchanges and Cooperation in t

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he ▓Fieldof Human Rights 41VI. Implementat▓ion and

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Supervision 44IntroductionThe period ▓from 2016

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